Seize The Summer at Alpine Baptist


Now is the time when we are hitting “the wall”.  The Seize The Summer tour is going well but we are getting tired…  Now is the time to push through and press in to Jesus.  We know that His grace is more than sufficient for the work that He has called us to.  We would certainly welcome your prayers for our team as we continue to travel and put on the Seize The Summer event.

Tonight we were at Alpine Baptist Church in Comstock Park, Michigan.  We got to meet up with some great friends and wonderful people at Alpine Baptist.  This is the second year that they have been a part of the Seize The Summer tour and we were excited to be back.

Our Twitter request song for tonight was “How He Loves”.  We have not played that song in a long time, but it was a great reminder of the deep love of God that is extended to us.

Hopefully we can get some much needed rest tonight and we will be back at it tomorrow in Chicago, Illinois.

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