Seize The Summer at Calvary Baptist and The Back Bay

There was no blog following the Seize The Summer event in Easton, Pennsylvania on Saturday night.  I somewhat apologize for that.  I also feel really good about not posting anything after the event.  Here’s why…

It’s not that the event was bad -actually it was an awesome night at a great venue.  We had our entire stage and sound system set up and we had an amazing time at Calvary Baptist Church.  After the event, however, we loaded everything up and headed for home.  We drove through the night and made it just in time to be at our home churches on Sunday morning.  That is why there was no blog post.  I was tired.

We spent all day Sunday with our families and it was glorious.

Today (well, I guess it was technically yesterday by now) we loaded back up and started the “West Leg” of the Seize The Summer Tour.  We started out at The Back Bay in Pettisville, Ohio.  There were a ton of youth there for the event.  Several churches had come together to make it their “thing” this week.  The event was tremendous and God was clearly moving in powerful ways tonight.

Tomorrow we will be at Alpine Baptist Church in Comstock Park, Michigan.  We are really excited about that because we had such a great event at Alpine Baptist last year.  We are anticipating an even better event this year.

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