Pop-Up Dinner in Wooster, OH

Last night we had a brand new experience… One of the “Backers” for the “Kickstart Seasons” campaign donated their Full-Band House Concert reward to their church. As a result, we were booked for a “Pop-Up Dinner” in Wooster, OH.

If you have never heard of or experienced a “Pop-Up Dinner”, then we should probably explain the concept.

Basically people have an opportunity to sign-up to be a part of it, and they know what day the dinner will be. They have no idea where the dinner will be, nor do they know what will be happening at the dinner. On the day of the dinner, about one hour before the event is supposed to start, they receive a phone call telling them where to go. That gives them enough time to get themselves to the location. They are supposed to dress in a white shirt and blue jeans and bring their own food and lawn chairs.

Tonight the Pop-Up Dinner popped up in the lawn at the Church of the Saviour just outside of Wooster, OH. There were lawn games (like corn hole and volleyball) and a concert provided by Polen.

It was a beautiful night and we had a great time experiencing our first ever Pop-Up Dinner.

Fulfilling the Kickstarter reward concerts has been a lot of fun. We have been a part of some interesting events and are really thankful for the people who supported the “Kickstart Seasons” campaign and have been putting their rewards to good use.

To all of the white shirted pop-up people -thanks for a great night. Maybe we’ll see you again at a Pop-Up Dinner down the road.


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