A New Ski Safari Champion

We have thoroughly enjoyed our day “off” in Bedford, Indiana. We had an opportunity to just hang out and be together. The wives of the men in our group met us in Bedford, so that has really added to the enjoyment.

There have been several highlights of the day (including several runs to Walmart, an opportunity to do laundry, and getting to enjoy “Papa Don’s” amazing cooking), but potentially the biggest highlight of the day was that Jeff Kaufman became the new reigning Ski Safari champion. His new high score is a whopping 1,224,167. Pretty fly for a white guy!

You go, Jeff!

Can anyone beat Jeff’s high score by the end of the trip? I don’t know, but I do know this -there will be nearly a dozen people trying… We are probably all addicted.

On the other side of the news, Jeff Polen made a visit to the local doctor today to be treated for a sinus infection. Hopefully we will be able to finish this tour all in one piece. We have experienced a lot of sickness, a broken ankle, a trailer that came unhooked, wireless microphone issues, and all kinds of other obstacles, but we press on for the prize of the upward call of Christ. It has been an absolute blessing to be a part of a team that looks at obstacles as opportunities. We have been pressed but not crushed… Struck down but not destroyed. We remain steadfast in our goal to love one another and encourage anyone that we come in contact with the seize this summer for the cause of Christ. Apparently Satan doesn’t like that very much.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

We will be in Bedford, Indiana tomorrow… Then home to Mennonite Christian Assembly in Fredericksburg, Ohio to end our tour on Tuesday, May 29.

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