3 Exciting Announcements

Seize The Summer starts TODAY, people! No more sitting around thinking, “I can’t wait until Seize The Summer…” The time is now. The moment has arrived.

Along with Seize The Summer starting up tonight, we have three exciting announcements to make:

1. We created a brand new YouTube channel called PolenBandLive. This channel is completely unscripted. It will capture life on the road, on the stage, and who knows what else. Don’t worry, our original YouTube channel will still be available and we will be adding well-thought-out videos to that channel in the near future, but for now you should subscribe to the new channel and follow us around 6 states for the next two weeks as we travel on the Seize The Summer Tour.

2. There is a special portion of each Seize The Summer dedicated to your song requests that will be submitted via Twitter. So go ahead and submit songs that you would like to hear Polen play live. To submit a song, simply say “Hey @PolenBand, play [your song here] tonight! #PolenSTS” Don’t forget to use the hashtag “#PolenSTS”!

3. Our very good friend and super talented rapper Zach Lee is releasing his first studio album tonight during Seize The Summer. Zach will be traveling with us during the tour and you really should come and buy his CD. It is great music and Eric Kaufman (from Polen) produced the music on the album. If you are anything like us then you are going to love the CD… so come buy it and support Zach.

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